Asa, Wyatt, and Kevin are locally grown miscreants who’ve been crawling around the Santa Cruz hills for the better part of a decade making all sorts of noise.

After a while that noise began to resemble music.  Not terribly long after that it started to sound like a bit of bluesy mountain folk you could begin to stomp your foot to.  It was around this time they began to collectively refer to themselves as ‘Big Rusty Bake Machine.’  

Fast forward a couple years and they bumped into a blues guitarist hailing from Denver who goes by the name of Mike.  They asked him if he wanted to join a band and add a psychedelic bend; he said, “Eh...why the hell not?” ... So here we are now.

The Big Rusty Bake Machine is: 
Asa Branden: Vocals, Guitar 
Wyatt Kelly: Drums 
Kevin Vogler: Bass 
Mike Werner: Lead Guitar